Our students of Std. 1 and Std. 2 had a very special ceremony on this Electric Saturday in February 2024. They all became authors as they released their first original story and surprised their parents with it. They have been doing “Language arts” as a subject throughout the year.

In the language arts class, students learn:

  • How to write a story – planning the narrative and the plot
  • Describing the scenes and the characters
  • Understanding the flow of a story
  • Finally, presenting it in words

So our grade 1 and 2 students now have the skills to write so many more on their own too! They are also getting ready to take on the longer content that comes their way in the higher classes and that helps them handle academics with ease. When these skills are well developed, students do not need to rote learn or even do tuitions and a lot of mindless repetitive writing.

Tough outside, smart inside – we are proud of all our Walnut students for doing this and for our teachers for executing it.

Our CEO, Shivani Kanetkar has built this program from scratch and she keeps working on it and making it better and better each year.

Also, this was a total surprise for our parents as they did not have to do anything except just come to school on a Saturday morning and be dazzled by what their kids had done. There was no “project work” for them.

In fact, parents were the “guests of honour” (as is in all our student presentations) and got to go home with their own budding author, their work and a budding author certificate. 

Parents love our reading and writing programs! Here is what some have to say:

“This is an amazing school. My child has developed a whole thought process on his own (through Language Arts – Story Writing) – it’s fantastic!” 
Parent of Renit Mehta, Std 2, Fursungi campus

“My kid could actually articulate his imagination and pen it down (in Language Arts – Story Writing. He could express his passion for football and Ronaldo in a story format. The school is trying to develop such creative and innovative skills of the students. It was a superb experience.”
Parent of Rreyansh Chitam, Std 1, Wakad campus

“Writing original stories at such a young age is a great utilization of brainpower. Hats off to the teachers and kiddos! Cheers to Walnut School.”
Parent of Swara Marawar, Std 2, Wakad campus

“This is the best school I have ever seen. There are so many other activities other than studies to keep kids energetic. My daughter Shravya loves her school so much 😘”
Parent of Shravya Bhoi, Std 1, Shivane campus

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