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About Us

Shivani Kanetkar

CEO, Walnut Schools

Shivani Kanetkar holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of Sussex, United Kingdom and has a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and Literature from Fergusson College. She also has a Distinction in Communication Skills, conducted by Trinity College (Cambridge), United Kingdom.
She has been working in education for the past 13 years. Shivani specializes in helping underperforming students reach their maximum potential. She also has experience in teaching students having special educational needs. She is an expert in breaking down the nuances of the English language and making it less stressful for students to learn, which is very important for students studying in English medium schools in non-English speaking countries.
She makes it a point to ensure that English is taught as a language and not relegated to just being a mere subject; and so intersperses the syllabus with lots of extracurricular reading material, movies, web series, animated shorts, group discussions and vocabulary games! The English programme has been designed in a way that students naturally adapt to the language, and begin to ‘think’ in it. She has made the English language program at Walnut School very strong and with it even Kindergarten students read and speak English fluently, two levels higher!
Shivani is also responsible for ensuring the quality control of all other core academic subjects. Shivani conducts regular teacher training sessions within the organization, making sure our teachers are constantly on the ‘top of their game’! Shivani has built a fantastic rapport with students of all classes, to an extent that they find her approachable enough to directly talk to her about their academic stumbling blocks and ask for tips and tricks on how to get past them!

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