Two of our Walnut Fursungi students recently participated in the 31st Pune District Kick Boxing (State Level) Selection Competition. Nakul Tajne of Std. 4 and Krushna Uphale of Std. 2 have been selected for the State Level Championship, which will be held in September 2017. Nakul won a gold medal in the Hard Style category and a bronze medal in the Point Fight category. Krushna won a gold medal in the Point Fight category.

Nakul and Krushna have an affinity toward the Kickboxing sport. While Nakul started training 3 and a half years ago, Krushna is a new entrant, having started training only 8 months ago. Both of them follow a training regime of 6 hours per week. They take a break only on Sundays, so we wondered whether they ever got a little bored of this rigorous training routine.

“Not at all,” quips Nakul, while Krushna is quick to agree, “In fact I get bored if I have to miss the training."

What are sports without a few bruises on the side? “Have you gotten hurt during your training sessions?” we asked the two young achievers. “Yes, sometimes the opponent hits me hard, then it hurts!” moans Nakul. Krushna has gained a few bruises during the practice matches too! Are they a little scared to get back in the game then? 

“No, we need to defend ourselves from the attacked while giving him a tough fight. We enjoy this learning process,” say the two kick boxers.

Both of them regularly follow this sport on TV as well as by attending live matches. They take tips from other champions, in an attempt to improve their game. They also enjoy other sports. Nakul likes kabbadi while Krushna enjoys athletics.

Our students fought a tough fight to win these laurels in the 31st Pune District Kick Boxing (State Level) Selection Competition. We wish them more strength and good luck for the next level!

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