Our Walnut kids recently had the opportunity to showcase their imagination, inventive skills and creativity when a science fair was organized for them. It was a great way for them to get to know more about how the world around them works. Preparing for the fair was a great way of active learning for the students.

Walnut School

We believe that as society relies more on science every day, every citizen needs sufficient science literacy. This was one such event where learning was made fun and exciting.

Students were pleased about being recognized as small scientists and were participating actively in their group activities. Co-operation and acceptance were seen among groups as they presented their science projects. They were enthusiastically visiting each stall and understanding concepts behind the projects made by their peers.

Walnut School

They were thankful to their parents and teachers for helping them in their projects and took home new ideas which would help them in the next year’s fair!


Project Team
Std. 6 Scientific Principle based Toys Deepaansh Sial, Dheer Sheth, Prathamesh Kulkarni
Std. 5 Renewable
energy sources
Soham Shravak, Abhishek Vyavhare, Tanay Sharma,
Arhan Dongare, Akeen Karkare
Std. 4 Bones & Muscles Paras Singade, Pratham
Lokhande, Om Margal,
Durgesh Bandawane


Project Team
Std. 6 Magic of
Varad Pathak, Mohit Inamdar, Varad Rao
Std. 5 Volcanoes Parikshit Gadgil, Shreyas Antad, Parth Mayadeo, Arman Shaikh
Std. 4 Properties of
Shrimay Patil, Rutuj Sanas,
Shubham Deshpande,
Soham Jadhav

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