How many times have we seen colleagues at work finding it difficult to walk through a presentation? How many times have we seen a colleague feeling awkward in social gatherings? This is largely because enough exposure is not given to everyone in schools to come up on stage and present something. We believe that stage presence and confidence in body language is a necessary skill for everyone. Hence, all our students participate in the Annual Gathering at Walnut.

One of the major events at Walnut School, this is another event which students are eagerly looking forward to. This event features dance performances right from folk dances to western dances, along with skits with social messages. We also have various demos of yoga, karate and gymnastics which our students learn throughout the year. Not only this, but students also anchor the whole event from start to the finish, by announcing the programs and their background, and keeping the audience entertained in between them.
Of course, there is a usual expected “surprise dance” at the end, in which all parents, teachers and students, let their hair down and dance away on stage to the Final Dance! Here is when you really get to see what we mean when we call ourselves, the “Walnut Family”!