Excitement had been coursing in the veins of our Walnut students ever since the announcement of Annual Gathering. Like the Diwali Carnival, the gathering is another major event at Walnut Schools and hence the entire student body participates in this event. We believe that stage presence and confidence in body language is a necessary life skill for every child. Hence, we encourage all our students to participate in the Annual Gathering. 

The preparation for the gathering started soon after Sports Day. One could see students shaking a leg on Bollywood tunes, practicing thrilling demos with their PE teachers and fine-tuning their expressions for the dramas. The excitement was palpable at every nook and corner of our schools. Not only the students but even teachers were busy designing props, painting pictures and practicing with students.

Finally, the days of the Gathering dawned and students arrived at the venue before-hand for prepping up. The event started with the spot-on performance of KG students who were dressed in adorable outfits. Subsequently, we had various performances like Skating, SkitDramas, Hula Hoop demos, Yoga demos, Bihu dance and more. The thrilling demonstrations of Yoga, Skating and Hula hoop left the audience awestruck, while dances like Welcome Song and Chogada tara gained applause and “once more” requests from the parents.

Another unique feature of Walnut Schools is that we hand over the microphone to our students conduct the gathering on the stage. We had students from KG to standard 8 anchoring the entire event from start to finish – the confidence and presentation of these anchors was amazing! Our young anchors even kept our audience entertained with jokes and mini-performances when there was a long break. 

And finally, in the end, we had the “final dance”, a tradition in which we have a blend of all the dances that were performed previously on stage. We also call on all parents, teachers, and students to let their hair down and dance away on the stage to the Final Dance! This bonhomie between the parents, students, and teachers is the true strength of the Walnut Family!

The fun is not all over for the students though. After a few weeks of studying and finishing the final exam, they have another very interesting program coming up… stay tuned to find out more!

Here are the gathering videos, school-wise:

Walnut School Shivane <Click Here>
Walnut School Fursungi <Click Here>


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Funtrepreneurs at Walnut School

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Scholarship Answer Key

The Maharashtra State Council for Examinations has released the answer key for the scholarship exams. We’ve attached them here for parents convenience. Do take a look. If you have any doubts on the answers given, do write to us. We can take it up further.