Projected fees for Walnut School Shivane

As per the Maharashtra Fee Regulation Act, here is the projection of fees for classes from Std. 1 to Std. 5 and Std. 6 to Std. 10*.

 Click on below class to know the respective fee structure
Std. 1 Std. 2 Std. 3 Std. 4
Std. 5 Std. 6 Std. 7 Std. 8
Std. 9 Std. 10

* Excludes transport and uniform fees. We don't charge any other fee other than the amounts mentioned above. Curricular Material Fee (through which the learning system is implemented) is to be paid directly to the vendor. The above amounts are for payment in four installments. Additional concessions may apply for payment in lesser installments. External financing options available upon request.

One-time Fully refundable deposit and registration charges vary according to class

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