When life gives you lemons…

When life gives you a lemon, what do you do? 

Our first and second graders will answer – MAKE A VOLCANO!

With food colours, soap and baking soda these little scientists understood what a chemical reaction is firsthand – and were absolutely excited about doing science!

They performed their first experiment with acids and bases and saw carbon dioxide gas come up through the fizz. They saw how adding more or less baking soda changed the pace of the reaction. They also tried to change the intensity of the reaction with the quantity of lemon juice.

Later, when all other students (from other schools) will learn about speed of reactions and about acids, bases and reactants and products – Walnut students would know about it already, THEY HAVE AN EARLY START! Gaining knowledge and applying it – it’s all taken care of. They are not just listening to online classes, they are actively participating in them too.

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