Taking the board exams head on!

To measure is to know. If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it. 

                                                                                                                         – Lord Kelvin

Walnut School, which is led by experienced educationists, applies a scientific mindset to help students succeed in every aspect of their school life. As we have been helping students reach new heights in the board exam for the last 20+ years we have a very sure and systematic approach to this challenge.

We have an extensive high quality test series based on the Std. 10 curriculum and paper pattern that starts right from the 9th standard. Every week the students answer three tests – two of these are short ones (1 hr) and the third one is a full length paper. They do this for 6 weeks in a row.

After every six weeks, they do a round of full length tests like a prelim. So this pattern is repeated four times. After all this is done, they answer 5 rounds of prelims. They have plenty of study leave gaps in between and are comfortably ready for the board exams without themselves or the entire family freaking out about exam preparation 🙂

When students do the year round tests, we have made sure that different tests have different chapters that are addressed and questions across difficulty levels to keep them sharp and ready for surprises. They have to keep revising different combinations of lessons and that helps them remember things quickly. They do these tests as a routine over a very long time period. 

This pattern of examinations is derived from the globally accepted form of learning called spaced repetition. This helps students in better retention of important concepts, which are useful for further studies

There are many benefits to this test series. The students start early so the pressure doesn’t build up at the end. It is evenly distributed. They get enough time to understand their mistakes and improve on them. Most importantly, they develop the habit of being regular in their studies and that helps them for the journey even after standard 10.

Walnut Students end up doing much more than any outside test series during the school year and with teachers who genuinely care about their progress! Even in the year of online school during the pandemic (2020-21) there were no compromises on this front. Our 10th standard batch went through all the five prelim rounds and were well prepared. Every batch is on track and well into their test routine already! This is one more way in which we keep our students tough outside and smart inside..

This is just one of the many ways in which Walnut students remain tough outside and smart inside. Want to know the other ways? Read more!


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