Walnut Schools in Pune are pioneering institutions, setting new benchmarks in education. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, our schools offer a distinctive academic experience that prepares students for the challenges of tomorrow. Recently, Dr. Arpita Karkare gave a valuable talk on how to prepare for Std. 10 Boards.

Here’s a deep dive into what the video explains and the Walnut School’s educational philosophy.

Children in a classroom, captivated by a globe, exploring the world with curiosity and enthusiasm.

1. A Robust Academic Framework

At Walnut School, the focus is on core subjects from grades 6 to 8, laying a strong foundation for higher education. Dr. Arpita Karkare’s leadership ensures a curriculum that promotes differential learning and advanced academics, particularly in social studies, to broaden students’ horizons and sharpen their critical thinking.

2. Consolidating Knowledge Through Homework

Homework isn’t just a task; it’s a critical tool for reinforcing learning. At Walnut School, daily assignments are meticulously designed to instill good study habits and assess students’ grasp of the material, setting the stage for lifelong learning.

Two students sitting at school desks, focused on writing on paper.
A classroom with children sitting at desks, engaged in learning activities.

3. Testing: A Measure of Mastery

Regular chapter-wise and unit tests are not mere formalities but a strategic approach to evaluate and prepare students for future academic endeavors. These assessments are integral to the school’s philosophy, ensuring a thorough understanding of subjects.

4. Parents: The Pillars of Support

Dr. Karkare emphasizes the crucial role of parents in the educational journey. With technology bridging the gap, parents are encouraged to actively participate and contribute to their children’s growth and development.

A diverse team of professionals sitting around a table in a well-lit office, engaged in a productive discussion.
Students in a classroom diligently writing on paper, engaged in their studies.

5. Preparing for the Pinnacle: Std. 10

The journey to Std. 10 is a strategic one at Walnut School. Dr. Karkare’s structured pathway for Std. 9 and 10 focuses on cultivating effective study habits and a disciplined routine, essential for excelling in the CBSE board exams.

6. Cultivating Discipline for Board Exam Success

Group of kids enjoying books on bean bags in a cozy library setting.

The school’s ethos revolves around discipline and motivation, equipping students with the right mindset and habits to achieve high scores in board exams and beyond.

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Step into the Walnut School universe and witness education that transcends the ordinary!

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