Remedial Classes

New things are taught in school everyday in every period. Some subjects and topics have continuity across the years and some can be tackled as stand alone lessons. Subjects like language and Math require fundamentals to be strong as classes keep building up on previous knowledge.

What happens if a kid doesn’t “get” concepts in the classroom? He/she tries to get back on track for maybe the next few days. It’s a struggle at a young age for them to identify this on their own and do something about it. If the kids can’t catch up in a few days, they have drifted too far off to come back on their own and it is then easier for them to just stay where they are. These kids then get disconnected from the teaching and learning process in the classroom.

Walnut School steps in and fills in this gap before it becomes too wide to cross over. Every Saturday students who have fallen behind in Math and English in that week are called in for remedial classes. These are the two subjects where continuity plays a very important role and are the foundation for everything else. Students are taught the concepts again, in a different way and vernacular language is also used to make sure the point goes across. Parents get guidelines as to how the child needs to be supported at home. For students who attend sincerely, these classes make a world of a difference and they quickly stop needing them at all. They soon start getting engaged in classroom learning again!

We have written about remedial teaching at Walnut multiple times earlier.