Guru Pournima is an important day in the lives of students and teachers alike. It is a day when students express their love and gratitude toward the teachers and when teachers know their efforts have borne fruit. At Walnut, we realize the importance of this day and our students have been hard at work, preparing for it.

Our students at both our campuses i.e. Shivane and Fursungi have put on their creative caps and designed greeting cards for their first ever teacher or guru – their mothers! A mother is truly our first friend, philosopher and guide. She teaches us so many things, right from how to take our first step to how to look after ourselves. She plays the largest role in shaping our lives – she is, and will remain our greatest guru!

The students made beautiful greeting cards in school and wrote heartfelt messages in them, addressed to their mothers. We hope that this little gift from their beloved children left them overwhelmed with love and pride.  Your children really appreciate your contribution to their growing up, and this is simply a small token to say Thank You for everything that you do for them!

Not to forget their ‘mothers’ during school hours – the teachers. The students put a smile on their teachers’ faces too by gifting them handmade greeting cards too. The love and appreciation from a student is the greatest gift a teacher can ever receive!

Both the schools sport a very happy and colourful look today, as the greeting cards dot the corridors.

Wishing a very Happy Guru Pournima to all our teachers and yours…may you know that our love for you will always remain, no matter how old we may grow up!

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