Govt. Scholarship

We strive to give our students as much exposure as we can. The earlier they start and the more they do, the better is the edge that they have over their peers when they grow up. Training the children in logic and preparing them for competitive exams thus becomes one of the things that we take very seriously at Walnut.

In Std. 5 and Std. 8, the government conducts the middle school and high school scholarship examination respectively and we leave no stone unturned in preparing our students for this exam.

The exposure that the children get in Walnut School is more extensive than any school or even a professional coaching class dedicated to this activity can provide.

Concepts and thinking skills are taught to the children. Dealing with multiple choice questions has its own strategies too. Our students are taught those as well.

They have a very detailed concept oriented lectures in the school where they also practice problem solving under the supervision of the teacher. Once that is done in the school, they log on to our Walmiki app at school and at home to do practice tests based on that concept. Normally practice books have about 20 odd questions for each concept. But in a href=””>Walmiki, we have about 200 questions for each concept and each time you ask for a test, you get a different randomized test of 10 questions.

After solving quizzes multiple times, students check their scores and explanations pop up for the particularly tricky or difficult questions.

The teacher regularly checks this activity and monitors students performance and if any child is found not logging in and taking tests on holidays, they are sure to receive a call from the school to ask why!

We finish doing topic wise lectures and tests early on, and after that students take multiple rounds of prelims. We have around 21 round of prelims with 2 papers in each round.  That means our students take 42 full length tests before the exam! We start preparing our students for this right from Std. 3.

Logic is one of the subjects that the students study as a part of their regular curriculum. That helps them understand how to understand a problem, break it down and consider multiple approaches to solving it.

Thus all this hard work eventually pays off and our students totally crack the scholarship examinations successfully. According to the list put up by the Scholarship examination board, we are the #2 school in Maharashtra amongst ALL the CBSE and ICSE schools! We were super proud of our achievers!

The scholarship examination training prepares them for so many competitive examinations in the future. They get used to fast thinking, performing under pressure or rather, not getting pressurised and even finding patterns, links and connections. They understand the rigors of hard work and they enjoy the fruits of their labour in terms of their success.

The Maharashtra Government offers scholarship awards (Rs. 25 per month for three years, so Rs. 900) ONLY to students enrolled in SSC schools. Since we are a CBSE school, these kids don’t get that money from the state government.

To compensate for that, we organize a WALNUT SCHOLARSHIP of Rs. 1000 per year along with a certificate and a trophy, to be given to our scholars.

  • 3 July 2017

    We've done it, Again!

    We are so very excited to tell you that Walnut has added 11 more glorious laurels to its resplendent wreath! Our 5th standard students have totally cracked the middle school scholarship examination. Read on for more fantastic news!

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