Std. 1 Projected fee Structure for Walnut School Fursungi

Here are the projected fees for Std. 1 from Academic year 2023-24 onwards: 

Academic Year Class Projected Fees Curricular Fees
Acad Yr 23-24 Std. 1 Rs. 74,356 Rs. 20,296
Acad Yr 24-25 Std. 2 Rs. 85,509 Rs. 23,340
Acad Yr 25-26 Std. 3 Rs. 87,234 Rs. 25,065
Acad Yr 26-27 Std. 4 Rs. 1,00,319 Rs. 28,825
Acad Yr 27-28 Std. 5 Rs. 1,00,319 Rs. 28,825
Acad Yr 28-29 Std. 6 Rs. 1,17,351 Rs. 35,133
Acad Yr 29-30 Std. 7 Rs. 1,17,351 Rs. 35,133
Acad Yr 30-31 Std. 8 Rs. 1,34,954 Rs. 40,403
Acad Yr 31-32 Std. 9 Rs. 1,37,235 Rs. 42,684
Acad Yr 32-33 Std. 10 Rs. 1,57,820 Rs. 49,087
One-time Fully refundable Caution Money Deposit and registration charges vary according to class
No School Bags

You read that right! Through systematic and careful planning, we have eliminated the need to carry those things through careful planning. Our founding team are the pioneers of the “Bagless School” or the “No School Bag” concept.

Subject Wise Classrooms

Every period in Walnut School is in a different classroom. That means each room has interiors customized to teach that particular subject! So, the classroom becomes a learning aid too! It has the ambience of the subject. Students change classes as the period changes.

Daily Sports Highlight

Physical fitness is very important for quality of life. The habit has to be developed at an early age. That is why in our school in the early years, physical fitness is part of the daily routine.

Walnut School

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At Walnut School, we have undertaken a massive task of creating India's future ready children - our national wealth. Here, our scholars learn and grow in their personality and their knowledge over the years. We are a very unique group of CBSE affiliated schools, where children do not carry school bags to school, have "special" classrooms per subject, and play sports daily! Our primary focus is on teaching our students how to think instead of what to think. Our unique features and our learning system help us create an enriching and vibrant environment to keep our scholars curious and energetic for the entire school day. Our scholars look forward to every day at school, and our parents are just happy! We are affiliated to CBSE and have branches in Shivane and Fursungi, with the third coming up in Wakad. However big we grow, your child gets all the personal attention of our awesome teachers in every school. And that is what matters, right? We become a family, you, the students and all of us at Walnut School. So come, look around, and be a part of the Walnut family and let's give our diamonds in the rough the edge to shine and take on the world!
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Midterm admission

The students seeking admission in the middle of the term need to pay the full year fees. If a student leaves the school before the end of the academic year, fees will be payable for the full academic year. In case of cancellation of admission, any fee paid will not be refunded or adjusted.

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