The Walnut Carnival is here with a twist!

The Walnut Carnival is just around the corner and we just cannot keep calm! We have something absolutely exciting in store, this year. The killa – making competition returns to Walnut, albeit with a twist.

The students have gotten their hands dirty in mud every Diwali. This year, we bring them a chance to work with some new medium in the form of tinted papers and card sheets for the students of Std. 5 and 6, and clay (shaadu maati) for the students of Std. 7 and 8. All these students are currently working on creating paper and clay sculptures of monuments that they have been provided reference images of.

So here’s how a typical “project” assigned to them looks like :

– Look around for your friends. Form a group of 4!

– Choose a monument from a school – curated list, that your group would like to replicate. Printing a picture to bring along to school always helps! (And so, prints of selected monuments were provided in the school)

– Plan out the design and allot work responsibilities. They were taught how to do this under the guidance of artists.

– Learn how to work with the given medium, be it paper or clay.

– Work as a team to build a strong foundation, for no building ever stood the test of time without one!

– Spend the next two to three days giving shape to your vision and recreating your shortlisted monument.

– Don’t forget to decorate your monument, just enough to attract the judges’ attention. What’s life without a little healthy competition?

– Set up the monument in a prime spot on the school ground, so that your family and friends can admire and appreciate it on Carnival days!

– Make sure you research about the monument so that you can impress the judges and your audience, as you talk about your group’s creation.

With our students working so hard and systematically toward bringing a feast to your eyes, would it be fair to not be a witness to their efforts?

Come join us with your family and friends at the Walnut Carnival on Monday, 23rd and Tuesday, 24th December, 5.30 pm onwards

The finesse with which our “tough outside, smart inside” students have created the paper and clay sculptures, simply could not ask for a better audience!

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Inquiring Minds, Capturing Hearts!

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