Fun Fair

At Walnut School, we believe in providing our students with innovative and fun-filled events that not only offer entertainment but also foster learning and skill development. And our Fun Fair is one such event that tops the list!

While the primary objective of the Fun Fair is to provide a fun-filled day for our students, we also aim to promote entrepreneurship among them. We call our little entrepreneurs “funtrepreneurs,” and we guide them through the process of organizing the event all on their own.

From choosing team members to deciding on the products and services they want to offer, our students handle every aspect of the event, including advertising and pricing. The parents can only serve as mentors and help with planning and organizing but cannot participate actively on the actual day of the event.

On the day of the event, our students put their organizational and selling skills to the test as they interact with customers and sell their products and services. This experience not only helps them understand the meaning of “service with a smile” but also provides them with the opportunity to earn real money for their efforts.

Overall, the Fun Fair is a great example of on-the-job training that promotes skill development and helps our students become ‘tough on the outside and smart on the inside’.