At Walnut School, we believe in passing on our rich and vibrant traditions to our children. Enter the Walnut Carnival! This event is like a cultural show that the students put up for the parents.

This super fun event is held in the evening, in the open, making it a perfect way to celebrate our traditions. It is an eclectic mix of cultural dances, traditional performances, short anchoring segments and also some games for the parents (why should they be left behind! 🙂 ) This is one of the most sought after events in Walnut school – by the students, parents as well as all our staff.


All our children participate in the Carnival, right from the planning stage. They participate in deciding what items will be organized and when, the movement of students and the schedule too. The Carnival features traditional dances and display of various talents by our students, along with traditional dhol-tasha shows in the form of parades in front of an adoring audience, in the form of parents, relatives and friends.

Each performance segment is for about an hour. There are also food stalls where you can hang out with other parents and your family. It is like a big Walnut get-together. The students and staff all dress and so do many parents. There are prizes for that as well!

All in all, the Carnival leaves everyone in high spirits in the end and asking for more!