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Reward System: Walnut Talents

We want students to develop good habits for life that will help them succeed in the long term. Working hard and being regular and disciplined are the most important skills that all great achievers acknowledge as the biggest contributors to their success story. We invest time in trying to inculcate these habits in our students from an early age.

At Walnut we try to encourage kids to work in a regular manner and to do it in a wholehearted way. This is done through a reward system called Walnut Talents are a reward system. Kids have to “earn” these by being regular in their work and doing work of good quality. If they have an English assignment every day then they earn talents for the week only if they do all 5 assignments of that week on time and they do a good job on them. Once they earn the talents they can redeem them for different gift items that are available in the Walnut store.

This encourages them to be disciplined, regular and sincere – qualities that we all know will help forever and ever! And they do it on their own without too much “persuasion” from the parents or the teacher!

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But this is only one of the many advantages of Walnut School.

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