Walnut School Online - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Walnut School Online

Will parents get feedback about the child? 

Yes. There is daily attendance, there is classwork and homework, feedback on the work, formative and summative tests, PTMs, report cards – absolutely every single thing. It is a real school – just not face to face, that’s all.

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How much do parents need to be involved?

The online school platform is easy to use and 100% secure. Even Nursery children pick it up quickly and parents do not have to sit with the children during live classes once they have understood the controls. However, children up to grade 2 do require some adult support from time to time. Parents will also have to make sure that the children are actually doing their assignments after school hours and uploading them in time for checking and feedback. Parents will also make sure that tests are being done faithfully to ensure integrity of the report card. 

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Is the online school like homeschooling then? 

No. Homeschooling means the parents are the main teachers. Here we have trained, qualified teachers and researchers who are teaching the child. The parent is in the supporting role for the school led activities. However, our online school can be a good addition to homeschooling, as all academics are taken care of and structured very well, which leaves your child to pursue additional hobbies or serious activities like sports, etc.

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Are online students allowed to come to physical school?

Students are part of the school – so they are most welcome to come to the school campuses (you know we now have three). They can be a part of our school functions like the Carnival or Funfair or Science Fair and others in person if they wish. The online platform students will also have some events of their own in a slightly different format online. Also, we will have convenient meet and greets planned for the online students to visit our school campus. 

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Will online students have extracurricular activities and the other Walnut features?

Yes! These are Walnut students after all. They will have every single extra curricular that the in-person students have – daily sports, individual reading and speaking, hands on, language arts, general knowledge, information transfer, theatre and so many more. 

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Who will teach students in the online mode?

The same teachers who teach the students who come in person. They will be following the same curriculum, timetable and style. This class is a separate one in their timetable – it’s not a webcam in the classroom of an in-person class. This is a 100% online school with all lesson plans, activities and interactions planned for the online platform. 

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What about the learning material?

The physical learning material will be shared with the parents on a monthly or quarterly basis. It can be picked up from the school campus nearest to you (with prior planning) or it can be delivered to your specified address. The electronic learning material will be sent to you as per a schedule and access codes to the learning platform are shared at the beginning of the year. 

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What happens after Std. 5, do we have to look for another school?

As we have mentioned, the online school is till Std. 5 for the academic year 22-23. In 23-24 it will grow to Std. 6 and then in 24-25 to Std. 7 and so on. So you can stay in Walnut School. In Std. 9 and 10 it is better if you come in person – at least for some parts. But you can stay in Walnut School throughout. No need to change! 

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If we have to move out of Walnut School, will our children cope up in a regular school?

Walnut School’s curriculum is more advanced and ahead of all standard schools. So when a child moves out of Walnut School, they find it quite easy in other schools. So, the kids will be fine and in fact shine. The earlier you join Walnut School the more you get out of the school. It is better to stay in Walnut School for the longest time too – that gives you a better edge over others when you leave! 

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Will online school impact my child’s social development?

In Walnut School’s online platform, students and teachers form a great bond. They also have group activities and the teachers are able to build team spirit and strong relations amongst students. The activities are designed to improve their confidence level and communication skills. Personal attention and proper feedback additionally help to improve the children’s personalities as well. All in all, social development of students improves greatly in Walnut – it is not negatively impacted at all. 

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What will the fees for the online version of Walnut School be?

ClassSchool FeesCurricular Fees
NurseryRs. 43,921*Rs. 10,980 *
Junior KGRs. 43,921 *Rs. 10,980 *
Senior KGRs. 53,489 *Rs. 13,372*
Std. 1Rs. 66,389 *Rs. 18,121 *
Std. 2Rs. 60,908 *Rs. 16,624 *
Std. 3, 4, 5Rs. 59,756 *Rs. 17,581 *
* Additional concessions available if fees are paid in a single installment

Are there any other charges for the online school?

Yes, we have a fully refundable deposit of Rs. 30,000 and one time registration charges of Rs. 5,000. Can online students switch to in person school?

If there is a vacancy, then yes, they definitely can. We require parents to commit to a format for a year (whether in person or online) because resources are planned that way. 

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I am already in Walnut and want to stay online next year. What should I do? 

Just let us know! Students from Nursery to Std. 5 in 22-23 will definitely have the online option. If you are in Std. 6 or above, we will have to see how many students are interested in the online platform for 22-23 before letting you know for sure if we can have it. 

If you are going to Std. 1 or above, school starts on March 28. So let us know before March 7. If you are going to Nursery, Jr KG or Sr KG, school starts in June. So let us know before April 30. That way we can plan your schedule, teachers, material and events properly.  

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Why is Walnut doing this? 

We got excellent learning outcomes in our online programs. Even our Nursery and Jr KG kids (who have yet not come to school) bonded with the teachers and performed as well as they would have in person. At times we feel they actually did better. We also added so many new subjects and topics and activities in the online platform – and we have many more in the pipeline. We can deliver excellent education to students on this platform as well and there is no need to stop it. This can go on, at par with in person and with time – maybe even leap ahead!

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So, we are giving the best learning experience to everyone – wherever they are!