In Kindergarten, we know that our toddlers are being exposed for the first time to the idea of a school. We want this exposure to be a pleasant one, and want to create a ton of happy memories for the children, which they can carry with them for the rest of their lives. Toddlers are like sponges, trying to absorb every experience and trying to make meaning of it. At Baby Walnut, we give them these experiences through a routine which they get comfortable with very quickly. Take a look around our kindergarten through this quick virtual tour:


A typical day for a kindergarten toddler begins by getting together for a snack. They wash their hands, pull out their napkins, sit with their group and their teacher joins them. They learn table manners and how to eat independently – though sometimes, we have to help them. They try to finish everything that is given, not spill and have a fun chat as they do so. With a full stomach, they can focus on the rest of the exciting hours to follow.


Though it’s only kindergarten, we take academics very seriously. 20 children per division with one teacher in each classroom leads to focus, more discussion thus leading to more learning. But we do not burden students with a ton of homework, don’t teach them irrelevant things, and make them write pages after pages! At Walnut, we pride ourselves on great planning.


  • Science, EVS:
    The children cover most of the science and EVS of class 1 while in KG itself. They do it all orally, and in the process they get a good understanding of the basics of the world around them.
  • Mathematics:
    They also start doing word problems in Jr. KG itself. They do them with all numbers less than 5. So they can use the fingers of one hand and use the other hand to raise or drop them. In Sr. KG they deal with word problems with numbers up to 10.
  • English Language Skills:
    In the BABY WALNUT kindergarten, students work in groups of 20 and have two teachers for all academic periods. This allows one teacher to teach the students different concepts as a group and one teacher to constantly engage them in one on one activities such as reading, understanding, expression and conversation. This greatly accelerates the progress that the students as they learn to focus their attention and make the most of these early years where their brain connections multiply exponentially. Recognizing how difficult it is to obtain quality reading material at home, we even send home books so that the students can have good reading choices at home as well.



Today, reading is a skill which is steadily diminishing. But, we know our responsibility as a school to make our children strong readers. This process starts right from Nursery. We do things differently to enable children to become quick readers. We don’t teach them to read letters sequentially from A to Z, but have our own way to introduce letters to help children pick up common words quickly. This way, Walnut children start reading words as soon as they finish the first few letters and then they read more and more. This starts in Nursery and by the end of Sr. KG they are comfortable enough to read short stories.


Outdoor play is something that the KG kids really enjoy. The best part in school is that everyone is of the same age group and so there’s much less stress than going out to a park and dealing with bullies! You can see them in their element here. They just love it so much. But at the same time they learn to take turns, share and be kind!


Art and Craft

In addition to all the other activities, children have a lot of drawing, craft, songs and dance activities too. They work with a lot of objects, blocks and beads, due to which their motor skills are refined.


Moving Classrooms

One reason why kids start disliking school is because they sit in one place for the entire school day. We understand this, and that’s why we have designed our entire school and even the kindergarten section in a way that when the bell rings, they go to a different room for a different activity. That keeps their interest going and school doesn’t become dull at all.


Cleaning and Help

There is a lot of support staff for kindergarten. Everything is kept very clean all the time. If a child has trouble eating or going to the toilet or is not feeling well, it is immediately spotted. Our team is very attentive and caring, which is another reason Walnut children feel at home all the time.


Parent Communication

Parents are constantly kept in the loop with feedback about what the child has done in each core class. There are also one on one meetings on Open Saturdays where the parents get individual feedback from the teacher. There are Open Houses too in addition to many events where the parents come to school and see their children interacting with their classmates and performing for a live audience!


Students’ safety and security is given utmost importance and hence we have well defined compound walls around our campus buildings. ID cards are matched before handing any child over.


In case of emergencies, the staff is good at communication and quick mobilization. The children learn to love school and socialize. Baby Walnut helps to give them a strong foundations to continue with an English medium CBSE school as they grow older!

Take a look at what our toddlers do when they grow up to go to Std. 1 and further!

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