Additional undertakings might need to be signed by the parent(s) in later academic years, as the case may be.


Regular attendance is compulsory. A student suffering from an infectious disease has to bring a fitness certificate after being cured from a doctor in order to attend school. A student should not attend the school when he/she is sick. No child is allowed to leave the school early other than in very exceptional circumstances, and that too, with prior permission from the school authorities.


Every child should wear a proper, cleaned and approved uniform on all school days (even on his/her birthday). ID card and black shoes are part of the regular uniform. No child will be allowed in the school without proper uniform. Boys should have a close haircut and neatly combed hair. Girls should use black ribbons, black hairpins or black hair-band only. For girls, plaits are compulsory for hair more than shoulder length. Tattoos, MEHENDI, nail paint, long earrings, jewellery and watches are not allowed. Reference no. of the child should be put on the jackets, shoes and shirts by the parents to avoid any possible exchange.


Distribution of gifts to friends in class is strictly forbidden. Strict action will be taken against children damaging the school property. Strict action will be taken if a student leaves the school premises without proper permission. The school shall not be held responsible for the child’s safety in such cases. Every child must come to school on time. Late comers will not be allowed to attend school on that day. No valuables like gold chains, rings, electronic items etc. are to be given to the student and Walnut School does not take responsibility for the loss of any such valuables.

 ID Cards:

Every child must carry the identity card every day. It is mandatory for all parents or guardians to carry the spare ID card given to the child when visiting the school. The school will not do the following if the ID card is not shown: drop a child, allow the child to leave early, issue report cards, interact with the parents on open Saturdays, etc. Parents and guardians are expected to cooperate. The decision of the management will be final in these cases.


Educational Institutes are exempted from indirect taxes such as GST and others as of today. However, if the said taxes become applicable during the financial year then the same will have to be borne by the parents. (Even applies to any fee paid before levying the said taxes).


Fee Schedule:

Walnut School is a permanently unaided school permitted as self-financed school under the concerned legislation of the state government of Maharashtra. The management has started the school for the students whose parents are willing to pay the prescribed fee fixed or approved in accordance to the legislation in this regard as school fees. As per the Maharashtra Educational Institutions (Regulation of Fee) (Amendment) Act, 2018, the fee schedule for all the classes to be attended by the student hereafter is mentioned on the website at https://walnut.school under the respective branch.

These fees will be accepted by the parents. The school management also provides options to pay fees in installments, which can be availed for convenience. 

All admissions for a particular academic year have to pay ALL fees in full before the due date. If fees are not paid 30 days after the due date (dishonoured or online payments included), the management reserves the right to expel the child or disallow the child from attending school at its discretion, or levy any other penalty, as it may deem fit, within a time span as prescribed by the management. If dues are not paid within a prescribed period, the management also reserves to take legal action against the defaulting parent.

If the parent wishes to re-enroll the student after defaulting on paying the fees before the due date in that academic year, it is possible to do so by paying late fees of Rs. 100 per day after the due date. The school will not send any reminder in this regard. The fees due and the late fees will be adjusted from the caution money deposit. If the fees are due even after the end of the academic year, the admission will automatically be struck-off, and late fees will still be payable on a per day basis. The management also reserves to take legal action against the defaulting parent.


Cancellation of admission

For cancellation of admission it is necessary to inform the school office and complete the application for refund of the caution money deposit before 1st March of the current academic year. Applications received after that will be processed in the next academic year, and the fees for the next year will be applicable. Fees which are due at that point of time will have to be paid in full. If any advance fee payments have been made, those payments are refundable on a pro-rata basis only if the vacancy created by cancellation of admission is filled up. Refunds, if any, will be issued according to the dates mentioned on the receipts. The Leaving Certificate / Transfer Certificate / Bonafide Certificate will be issued only after all dues are settled.


Midterm admission

The students seeking admission in the middle of the term need to pay the full year fees. If a student leaves the school before the end of the academic year, fees will be payable for the full academic year. In case of cancellation of admission, any fee paid will not be refunded or adjusted.



Walnut School holds the right to use the child’s photograph for any publicity material unless the same has been expressly intimated to the school.

Walnut School follows the policy for inclusion of children with special needs. If the counsellor/special educator indicates that the child requires special assistance, the parents shall bear the cost involved to hire a special assistant to provide assistance based on the approval of the Management. Parents agree to abide by any decision that the counsellor/special educator takes in the best interest of the student.

Code of conduct:

Legal action will be taken against the parent, if management (at their absolute discretion) determines that any one of the parents has engaged in one or more of the following:

  1. Participated in any dharnas and/or morchas against Walnut School/its management/its affiliates/or participated in shouting of any slogans that are in any manner whatsoever derogatory to Walnut School/its management/its affiliates/any of its staff members; 
  2. Participated in the exchange of any communication whether in form of mails or any other electronic communication, which seeks to lower or tarnish the reputation or which is in any manner whatsoever derogatory to Walnut School/its management/its affiliates/any of its staff members; 
  3. Initiated and/or participated in the filing of any frivolous complaints against Walnut School/its management/its affiliates/any of its staff member; 
  4. Causing to be published or telecast in any form of electronic/paper media anything that in any manner whatsoever seeks to lower or tarnish the reputation or which is in any manner whatsoever derogatory to Walnut School/its management/its affiliates/any of its staff members. 
  5. Getting any activists and/or external people (who are not parents of the school) to school and posing a verbal and/or physical threat to any of the staff members/management of Walnut School. 

A student may be expelled from Walnut School for non-payment of dues, causing harm to other students, immorality, grave insubordination, stealing or extortion of money/items of other students, damaging school property, bullying, cheating, assaulting and ragging of any form whatsoever, possession of unauthorized materials and objects, copying in the exam etc. False representation of facts and/ or canvassing for admission to the school, in any form, monetary or otherwise, will lead to disqualification of this application form for admission now, or any time in the future. Students’ names and/or photographs/videos can appear in any of brochures, publications, media such as the Internet, TV, newspaper etc. There will be no need for any prior approval for the same.


Walnut School will do its best to provide normal medical aid, but the organization or any member of its staff will not be held responsible for any unavoidable incident/mishap/accident despite its best efforts. In an emergency, the school staff may need to exercise their discretion by taking the child to the nearest Medical Centre/Hospital. 

The Student will not be a part of any auto–rickshaw or illegal vehicle pool as a mode of transport to and from the school.

The parents must submit certified information and instructions of any health conditions of their child. Although the school will take optimum care, the school cannot be held responsible for occurrence of any mishap or injury or fatality while conducting school activities, sports or any other activities. This applies to any eventuality that may occur during educational tours or journeys to and from Walnut School, or for any activities conducted during or after school-hours.

Walnut School might provide some hazardous/non-hazardous materials/items for the purpose of scientific experimentation to take home from time to time. The said science projects are to be conducted following instructions given along with the material/items and under strict parental supervision only. Walnut School is indemnified against any mishap that may occur with the said materials/items under parental supervision out of school premises.


Shift preference

The shifts filled on the admission form are preferences only. The management will have the final authority in deciding the shifts of the students, at its own discretion.

All disputes are subject to Pune jurisdiction.


I have read and understood the terms and conditions and agree to abide by all the rules and

regulations mentioned here, as may be specified from time to time. 

I ACCEPT THE ABOVE / मला वर लिहीलेल्या सूचना मान्य  आहेत / ऊपर दी हुई सूचनाओं से मैं सहमत हूँ