Let’s talk about the daily routine of a primary or a secondary school student at Walnut School.

They have a sports period and a recess period everyday. In addition to that they have two activity classes and five periods for core subjects every single day.

Everything for every period is properly planned and the core periods and activities are spaced out over the day too. Students keep moving to different rooms for different core subjects and activities. As you can see it’s a very packed and lively day. The kids have a lot of fun! Whether it’s students from first standard or tenth standard, no one wants to miss school as its a very “happening” timetable.

Let’s take a look at the core subjects that the students do

In the Board Exam of Std 10, CBSE students have five core subjects and one additional subject. The five core subjects are English, Marathi, Mathematics, Science and Social studies. The additional subject at the moment is Information Technology, which is for Std 9 and 10. In Std. 6, 7 and 8 students have an additional third language, which is Hindi. The third language is only for three years. There is detailed information about each of these core subjects which you can go through if you wish to explore further.

At Walnut School, the sports period is as important as a Math or an English or a Science period. Hence, it is seen every day in the timetable. And you will also see many areas dedicated to sports. The students get exposure over the years to games like Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Throwball, Skating, Yoga, Fitness, Aerobics and Carom.