The School without bags

A school with no school bag?!

Does that mean our students don’t have any writing or homework? Do our students not study?


Quite the opposite, in fact. Our students are far ahead of students of other schools in terms of writing, reading, understanding and knowledge. Our parents say so too.

Only possible at Walnut School!

  • Planned worksheets and other material is planned and put in each classroom for every period.
  • Since we have subject wise classrooms, this is possible.
  • The students bring empty folders (which we give) to school every day.
  • The students are handed material as they need and they carry it home every day through the folders that are given to them.
  • These worksheets are filed (in files which we give) at home and thus they build the notebook at home.
  • As there are no school bags (just a folder to carry), students don’t block the aisle with their bags. So, the teacher can access even the last bench easily. So first bencher or last bencher makes no difference at Walnut. The teacher walks around and gives a lot of immediate feedback to the kids. 
  • Teachers have all presentation in digital formats. So they don’t have to write on the board. They are always facing the students. She is not stuck to the front of the class. 
  • Also, no school bag means that the students really have no physical burden. It’s crazy how heavy school bags are getting these days and it’s scary to think of the back and posture problems that develop as an adult later because of this issue.

This is not the only great feature of Walnut School. With a solid team at the core, we have subject-wise classrooms, daily sports and interesting subjects.