Logic and thinking - the way ahead!

Computational thinking is a skill that every child needs to develop keenly to be future ready. It doesn’t matter what you choose to be when you grow up – you need to have the ability to spot a problem, understand it, break it down and solve it.

Team Walnut takes this very seriously and has incorporated this in the regular routine right from Std 1. Our 3rd std. students studied iterative patterns and processes. For example, they are taught what patterns are. Are patterns in fabric and patterns in our routine the same thing? As they explored patterns in different forms they spotted the similarities and differences. They tried to come up with a definition of the concept of a pattern which would cover.

This is step 1 from which they move ahead to other topics such as algorithms, data analysis and discrete modelling. Computational thinking helps to develop an approach to understanding information that helps in any subject or task they are undertaking. Learning about computers does not mean learning about mouse and keyboard and CPU anymore. That is so last generation, isn’t it?

All Walnut students will have an edge since they will be stepping out into a world where computational thinking knowledge will be as important as any other core subject.

Well, all this is going on even in the online school format along with the core subjects. As you can see, at Walnut School students are continuing with all round development and holistic learning even in the online format.

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