Learning to communicate.. the Walnut Way!

What is the purpose of communication?

We need communication to understand what others are saying and to explain to others what we want to say. This is the most basic skill and yet one that is quite poorly developed in most of the adults we come across in our interactions.

In English, our third graders did some activities where they had to “follow instructions”. At the end of the activities when results were compared they could see how closely they had paid attention to what was said.

They did this in different formats and even tried to formulate their own instructions for others and then checked for what loopholes remained and what they might have missed to communicate!

Team Walnut is in constant contact with business leaders and senior leaders from various industries to see what skills are lacking in the youth and this was an important one that needed to be worked on. So, to give our students an edge over all others we have a program called Explore on that dives deeper into different subjects to enhance the students’ understanding

Well, all this is going on even in the online school format along with the core subjects. As you can see, at Walnut School students are continuing with all round development and holistic learning even in the online format.

Online or offline – Learning never stops at Walnut School

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