First steps for Online School at Walnut

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Walnut! We are so glad to have you a part of our Walnut family, and are eager to get you introduced to the learning system. We are sure our admission counsellors and the school infrastructure wowed you enough, but let’s get you familiar with how the Walnut Learning System works, as a parent and a student.

1) Once you take admission to our school, you will receive an email titled ‘Welcome to the Walnut Family!’ This email includes your child’s specially created Walnut School email login details as well as the login details for Walmiki, our e-Learning platform.

2) In the pandemic, Walnut School very proudly was probably the only school which went online within a span of one weekend. In the online version of the school, teaching happens with a healthy mix of Walmiki, Google Classrooms and Google Meet. To know how to login to Google Classrooms with your child’s Walnut email id, click here

3) Your child will be added into the various subject Classrooms that he / she is a part of, for the current academic year. Do make sure you / your child accepts all these Classroom invites.

4) You will also receive an SMS from school, informing you about the collection of worksheets and other relevant material from the school campus. Do collect these as per the listed timings and as per your convenience.

5) In order to understand the curricular material provided as part of Walnut School in the print and electronic format, read this document. This will help you get a better idea of how to effectively use all the material provided by the school.

6) Additionally, students have live sessions from Monday to Friday as per a specific timetable. The same is conveyed to you through an email titled : Announcing the start of "Live Teaching". This email also includes Google Meet links to these live classes, along with the period schedule and timings per day.

7) You will also receive an email titled ‘Academic Schedule for (date range) for Class (Std. Div)’ every week. This email includes the per day plan, for what the students will be learning. It also includes links to the soft copies of the worksheets, answer sheets, PowerPoint presentations, teacher’s instructions, quizzes and lectures as well as a link redirecting you to the subject Google Classroom.

Here is a sample :

This email is sent in the earlier week, so that you are prepared with all required material that will be taught in the upcoming week. We understand that there are real constraints at home of space and devices, so we do not want to “force” our students to attend live classes. Hence, we have included all the detailed instructions for every period in this email, so as to enable students to study at their own convenience.

8) In case your child misses a period, we also have recordings of the Live teaching sessions, which we share with you later in the week. A Drive link will be shared with you, and the weekly recordings would be updated per subject and date.

9) Students are allotted daily homework assignments through the Google Classrooms per subject. The due dates i.e. deadlines are mentioned per assignment. Do make sure your child attempts and submits these assignments on or before the due date.

10) Do note that we are tracking attendance and assignments of our students. So do not be surprised to get calls and messages from the school asking for the well-being of your child, and whether they are keeping good health, if they are missing classes or not submitting their assignments!

11) Do check the email : How to submit HW assignments : Google Classroom to know how to upload the assignments.

12) We’re still not done communicating with you! 🙂 Once the classes are conducted, and the assignments for the week are submitted, at the end of the week, parents receive an email titled : ‘Academic update for (date duration) for Class (Std. Div.)’ This email lets you know all the chapters covered during the week gone by, so if you wish to go over the topics with your child, you know what was taught in school!

13) There is also a special Announcements (Google) Classroom created per standard. All the circulars, regular updates and notices are shared here. So do keep checking this Classroom on a daily basis.

14) If you have further questions regarding the Walnut Learning system and its method of teaching, you can refer to these two documents :

We understand that this might seem a little “too much” in the beginning. But, bear with us, this system really works well, and our students and parents love it!
All in all, to summarize, here is what we expect you, as a parent to do:

  1. Check your email once a day for emails from Walnut School. We love to communicate, and we only communicate important things.
  2. Check Google Classrooms of your child once a day for pending assignments and check for recordings of missed lectures, if required.
  3. Participate in our activities, as they are a whole load of fun, and will be a good break from your routine!
  4. Talk to our teachers once in a while when you get a call enquiring about the well-being of your child, and also about their academic progress.
  5. Ensure you have a strong internet connection if and when your child attends the Live teaching sessions.
  6. That’s it! Your child should be on their way to academic success while whole-heartedly enjoying all the features of the Walnut Learning System.

Hope you enjoy the online learning experience, as much as all our other students and teachers do!