Holiday activities for children

The time to be jolly is here! Firstly, hope you have a wonderful new year. Now, we know that in the holidays and weekends, parents are usually on the lookout for some good activities which they can do with their wards. At the Walnut School, we are always on the lookout for interesting things which can be done – and will be putting up links here for your convenience.

So, let’s start.

First up, reading. The best thing to do in this season is to curl up on the bed in a warm blanket, and get immersed in reading books. And it’s such a great feeling to watch children do just that! Some reading resources:


1. The British Council Library (Fergusson College road): A great place for all age brackets, they have a very different collection, which you won’t find anywhere else.

2. Just Books: Another popular library with loads of books and comics.

3. Of course, there are tons of your neighborhood libraries which tend to have a limited but often unique collection of books. Do mention them in the comments below.

If you would just rather have a collection which you would like to maintain:

1. Landmark: This has become more of a toy and electronic shop, but still has a good collection.

2. Crossword: This shop needs no introduction.

3. Of course, there are these road-side booksellers, who sell books at half the price of what is available in stores. Many times, you can find long lost books here too… You can try your luck by striking a deal with the bookseller to return your books after reading, on which he can give you cash back, or a discount on the next purchase from him!

4. Flipkart, Amazon: How could we forget these? These are mammoth booksellers, and a great way to surprise your children by scheduling deliveries every week.


Next up, outdoor / indoor activity resources: Coming up real soon.

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