At Walnut, like we’ve done before, we continuously take effort to increase the capability of our students with the best academic as well as co-curricular programs. One of these programs is “Core Concept Strengthening” classes for English and Mathematics which we run for our newly enrolled students of the Walnut Family.

But first, we have to get an idea of the child’s current academic status. For that, we have organized a baseline assessment of Mathematics and English that our newly enrolled young members must take.

Parents can come to the school between 17th to 29th of April to complete the evaluation. Timings are anytime between 9 am and 12 noon. The process will take about an hour.


The school office at Walnut School Shivane would be occupied with the results distribution on Saturday 22nd April and would be closed on Sunday 23rd April.

The school office at Walnut School Fursungi will remain open throughout from  17th to 29th of April.

Dates: Between 17th and 29th April
Time: Anytime between 9am and 12 noon

Walnut School Shivane: Results distribution on Saturday 22nd April. Closed on Sunday 23rd April.
Walnut School Fursungi: Open throughout from  17th to 29th of April.

Our teachers will then go through the evaluation and let you know if the child needs to sign up for the “Core Concept Strengthening” classes for English and Mathematics. This would be conveyed on the following day after your child has completed the evaluation.

But why English and Mathematics?

Today, students need to have good reading skills. That helps them with learning and writing for all other subjects too. The English Core classes are designed to help children get better at reading in order to understand. They target to slowly but steadily fill up the gap between the existing reading level and expected reading level of the student. These classes will also continue during the school year on Saturdays.

Mathematics has a lot of continuity. Having a weak foundation leads to more and more difficulties in the subject from Std. 6 onwards. Therefore, the Math Core classes are designed to help children get better at the concepts of their current year so they can handle the next year’s topics in a better way.

This is a professionally planned and serious academic program and will be held in the school itself. The classes will be scheduled from 2nd June to 9th June between 8 am to 10 am. There would be no classes on Sunday.

Though this is a professionally conducted program, parents of Walnut School are not being charged for these classes. However, regular attendance from participants is expected. The registration for the classes is online on this link. If online registration is not possible, do call up the school office to register.

Registration is compulsory. Attendance without registration will not be allowed.

Click here to Register

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