Slumber Party in School

Slumber Party in School

What happens when you go to an awesome school? You have parties that are just so very cool! At Walnut we arrange a slumber party for the school children. Yes you are reading it right! This amazing slumber party is a night of fun- filled with games, impromptu performances, a fun dinner, campfire and lots of chit chat. And all of this, right here, in our very own school! This event gets an overwhelming response for the children and they absolutely enjoy it. Not only that, parents can enjoy a movie without children too! 😉


Awesome Slumber Party!

Sleepovers, slumber parties, and overnights: Whatever you call them, they are heaven for kids but hell for the parents who host them. Overly excited children, social conflicts, some homesick children are quite an experience. But what if the school is hosting a slumber party? Yes, you heard that right. Read on more...

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