Navratri / Bhondla celebration

At Walnut School, we cherish and showcase the rich cultural heritage of our region through various festivals of India. Our Navratri celebration is a perfect example of how we engage our students in connecting with their cultural roots while having fun.

Our Bhondla party is a popular attraction for our youngest students, from KG to Std. 2. Bhondla is a traditional festival celebrated in Maharashtra for generations, where children sing and dance around an image of an elephant drawn on a slate. The highlight of the party is a guessing game that features the sweet treat khirapat. It’s a delightful way for our students to learn and appreciate the local traditions.

For our students in Std. 3 to 10, we organize a Garba party, which is a traditional dance form from Gujarat typically performed during Navratri. Our students learn the basic steps of Garba dance and get to practice them on the dance floor. This event is an excellent opportunity for them to learn and connect with a different cultural tradition and celebrate diversity within our school community.

Apart from the festive fun, students also learn about the significance of the festival by watching  and enacting mythological stories. They also take part in quizzes based on the same. These celebrations aim to develop a deeper connection between our students and their cultural heritage.

We strongly believe that events like these foster a sense of cultural connection among our students. It helps them learn about their cultural heritage and values that have been passed down through generations. We encourage all our students to come dressed in traditional or Garba-themed clothes to show their pride in their cultural identity and enhance the festive atmosphere.

The Navratri party promises to be an excellent opportunity for our students to connect with their culture and traditions in a fun and engaging way.