Diwali Celebrations

At Walnut School, we believe in celebrating the rich cultural heritage of our country, and Diwali is one such festival that we celebrate with great enthusiasm. Our Diwali Celebration is a day of fun, learning, and festivity, where students come dressed up in festive/traditional clothes and participate in a range of activities that help them understand the significance of this festival.

During the Diwali party day, students learn about the importance of the various days of Diwali through mythological stories and quizzes. The quizzes are designed to be interactive and engaging, so that the students can have fun while learning about the significance of Diwali.

Apart from the storytelling and quizzes, our Diwali Celebration also includes games and rangoli challenges. The games are designed to be fun and challenging, while also incorporating elements of teamwork and cooperation. The rangoli challenges are a great way for students to showcase their creativity and artistic skills, as they work together to create beautiful designs using colorful powders.

One of the highlights of our Diwali Celebration is the lantern-making activity. Students get to make their own Diwali lanterns, using a range of materials and techniques. This activity is not only a great way for students to learn about the cultural significance of lanterns during Diwali, but it also helps them develop their creativity and fine motor skills.

Overall, our Diwali Celebration is a day of learning, fun, and festivity that brings together students, teachers, and staff in a spirit of joy and togetherness. We believe that by celebrating our festivals, we can help our students connect with their cultural roots and develop a deeper appreciation for the rich diversity of our country.