Infrastructure & Timing- Wakad

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Experience Center

While the main building takes shape, to give parents a feel of all our activities and features, we have set up a 1000 sq ft experience centre on the campus. We have made models of the classrooms that kids can walk into. They can do activities there, take some home and if they do those and bring them back – there are interesting rewards for them! In fact, there is a surprise gift for even the parents who come for an admission enquiry!

The Building

Classrooms are spacious and in the Walnut way are subject wise. There are also laboratories, libraries, activity rooms, studios, computer rooms and so much more. Students also have a separate, clean well ventilated dining area so that they don’t have to eat in the classroom. Clean eating areas, clean bathrooms and a spic and span student friendly school are trademarks of Walnut!

The Campus

Walnut School at Wakad has a spacious 1.5 acre campus. We are in the process of constructing a 1 lakh sq ft + building across three phases and construction of phase 1 is going on in full swing. The building will be ready before the in-person school session begins.

As you can see in the campus layout, the students will have special outdoor areas for basketball, volleyball and futsal, an athletic track, a multipurpose amphitheatre and indoor halls for yoga, karate, aerobics, carom etc. Since all the students have sports everyday, these facilities are all weatherproof so that no one misses their daily exercise even when it”s raining or there’s a bit of extra sun!

The bus path is planned in such a way that the campus remains vehicle free for safe student movement. There are wide roads on both sides of the campus with good access. We have gates and security cabins on both sides.

Kindergarten Baby Walnut

Kindergarten will have its own separate floor. They will not share their facilities with the older students because our Baby Walnuts are so very special! In their space everything will be scaled down to their size. They will have different play areas to focus on different skills and development and to provide enough variety and stimulation. Even they will have subject wise classrooms and each room will have its own theme, furniture and ambience according to the activity they do there. They have their own libraries and computer labs too!


Providing safe and reliable transport is a dire need of today. At the Walnut school, we are very concerned with the safety of our students, and plan to provide transport equipped with technology to track vehicles and get updates on pick up and drop off times.

To know more, do visit our school office to find out the areas covered. Please note that the transport service is entirely optional.


Just like all the other activities, regular healthy snacks are a necessity for every growing child. At the Walnut School, we realize that and have made a schedule for snacks to be provided in the recess. We have a caterer who can provide these snacks, or the parents can send these with their ward. Choosing the caterer is entirely optional.

Here is a list of the snacks:

Idli Upma
Pohe Thaalipeeth
Sandwich Sheera
Roti-sabji Paratha


Walnut School works in multiple shifts. Primary and secondary sections work in two shifts – morning and afternoon. Baby Walnut, our special place for kindergarten students, works in multiple shifts, which have been listed below.

All the activities and features which we have spoken about are neatly integrated into the regular school hours. There is no homework up to Std. 5. Std. 5 onward, homework is very well-defined, and is to be done by children only – no parents need to be involved.

Packing all the activities and academics together to create a well-balanced schooling experience takes a lot of planning expertise and experience – which we have tons of.

The Walnut school will work in two batches –

Shift Timings For Classes
Morning 8:50am to 2:05pm Std. 1 to Std. 5
Morning 7:05am to 12:20pm Std. 6 to Std. 10
Afternoon 10:35am to 3:50pm Std. 1 to Std. 5
Afternoon 12:30pm to 5:45pm Std. 6 to Std. 10
Kindergarten batches 9:00am to 12:00pm &
12:15pm to 3:15pm
Nursery, Jr. KG, Sr. KG