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Online school like you have never seen before

Live, Interactive Classes | Excellent English Development | Strong Math Curriculum | Intelligent Extra Curriculars | Speaking | Sanskrit | Creative Writing | Exams | Fun!

India’s most unique and best CBSE school in the comfort of your own home

Academic year 2022-23 starts on March 28. Hurry and secure a place in the best online school around!

Brain stimulation: Students in Walnut get much more learning input and stimulation than any other school or learning system can provide

Great teachers: Strong teaching program for core subjects as well as a wide range of very interesting extra-curriculars

Trusted brand: With 20+ years running innovative schools, leave your child’s schooling in trusted hands

Engaging environment: We take care of academics, so that your child can pursue other goals and interests professionally

Well planned: We take care of academics, so that your child can pursue other goals and interests professionally

Regular updates: Parents get regular updates on their child’s participation in the class, the quality of work etc.

We are a 100% online school with dedicated teachers, all lesson plans, activities and interactions planned. Our online school platform is easy to use and 100% secure.

Even Nursery children pick it up quickly and parents do not have to sit with the children during live classes once they have understood the controls.

Group-wise salient points of Walnut Online School

KGGrades 1 to 5
Convenient Timings
3 hours daily
Access to recorded lectures
One on one reading
Core subjects + Extra curricular
Quarterly evaluation and reports
Convenient Timings
4.75 hours daily
Access to recorded lectures
Intensive English and Math program
Core subjects + Daily sports
Quarterly evaluation and reports
Intelligent extra-curriculars and hands on activities


yrs of experience

yrs of experience

R&D team

We have the educational experience and results to show that we deliver what we promise. Our team is continuously working to deliver the best possible educational experience for your child. No CBSE school can deliver the online experience that we can. Still don’t believe us? Here are some more highlights for you…

hrs of online content

Questions in database

Educationist led Technologists run

We have no competition when it comes to the quality of content and the technology we have. This is not enough though. We have perfect execution to make things come together seamlessly.

Perfect execution

Strong planning

Great teachers

Best content

… all lead to …

Brilliant students!

Benefits of Walnut Online School

Being in your “comfort zone”
Stay where you are and get access to the best resource

Excellent English Fluency + Creative writinganning
You will quickly notice that your child’s fluency and creative writing skills in English have improved

personalized feedback and updates
Get personalized feedback about students, and regular updates for parents

regular, disciplined routine
A regular and disciplined routine helps build the character of the student

Advanced Mathematics and English curriculum
To keep smart students engaged, we have advanced Mathematics and English concepts

Year round competitions
Competitions make students aware of their skills and increases their confidenceanning

Time to focus on other activities
No compromise in education even for professional sports or art students

Qualified, trained teachers
Get your child educated from qualified and trained teachers from Pune and PCMC

Official admission in a CBSE school
Your child is an official part of the awesome Walnut family, so we’ve got you covered!

Premium quality learning
The content is of premium quality, resulting in excellent learning outcomes

Excellent GK, Reading, Speaking and Group activities
GK helps your child stand out, reading and speaking helps for all-round development

Get almost a year ahead of other ‘regular’ students
Our planning speeds up the teaching process  where we get almost one year

Who is Walnut Online School for?

Structured learning, while providing access to a real school too!

Gifted Children
Enough depth and width of concepts for students who want to learn more!

Health issues
For children who have health issues or medical conditions, this is the best option!

For parents whose jobs keep moving, having one school online is awesome

Additional Support
Children who require additional support, or have conditions like ADHD, Dyslexia etc.

Students outside Pune
Local schools may not have great teaching resources, while we have the best teachers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have more questions? We are always accessible!

Also, here are a few frequently asked questions which we have answered