1st Annual Gathering


The staff and students of Walnut School cordially invite you and your family to be a part of our 1st Annual Gathering

on 12th February 2016

at Yashwantrao Chavhan Natyagruha, Kothrud.

Parents have been sent a detailed circular with student specific instructions. Please do go through that.


  • Please do not apply oil to the child’s hair from today till the gathering is over.
  • Shampoo the child’s hair on Friday morning.


  • All students will carry 1 plastic bag to store their clothes in when they change into the costume. The plastic bag should be labelled with the child’s name and class.
  • All students will wear a decent civil dress and pin the ID card to the front of the dress. ID card on dress is absolutely necessary.
  • All children must wear underwear. Please understand that we have to mention this specifically because some children don’t!
  • Please refer to special instructions for each program too.


  • Please make sure the child has eaten and will be comfortable for 2 hours. No food or water will be allowed with the child backstage.
  • Apply basic light make up. For boys that is foundation or powder. For girls that is foundation, lipstick, eyeliner.


  • Make sure you are punctual and drop the child at the backstage entrance. Make sure the teacher has marked attendance for the child.
  • Take back the child’s shoes with you. No shoes will be allowed to be worn before or during the performance. All shoes will have to be taken off as they could get mixed up and lost. Keep them with you. After the performance when the child is handed back to you, the child can wear the shoes again.
  • So take the child’s shoes off, hand over the child, mark attendance and then you may go and sit in the auditorium.


  • Students of Nursery, Jr. KG, Sr. KG and Std. 1st and 2nd are to be picked up from backstage. Announcements will be made during the show, then parents can come to pick the children up.
  • Do not come backstage immediately after the dance. Children will change back into their own clothes and when they are ready the teacher will make the announcement to pick them up.
  • When you come to pick the child up, please show the ID card so that the child can be handed over. Volunteers and helping staff will hand over the child only after seeing the ID card.
  • Students of Std. 3, 4, 5 can be picked up from backstage only after the session is over.


SESSION 1 : 12.30 pm to 1.45 pm
G101Agobai DhagobaiN1
G102Itnisi HasiN2
G103Tap Tap PadtiJ2
G104Waka WakaJ5
G105Bam Bam boleS1
G106Karate – Gr 1Mix
G107Swaye Shri – Gr 1Mix
G108Chaar Shanivaar – Gr 11A
G109Zoobi Doobi – Gr 21B
G111Rang De Basanti – Gr 14A

SESSION 2 : 2.30 pm to 3.45 pm
G201Yoga – Gr 2Mix
G202Agobai DhagobaiN3
G203Itnisi HasiN4
G204Tap Tap PadtiJ4
G205Waka WakaJ1
G206Bam Bam BoleS2
G207Drama – Gr 1Mix
G208Chaar Shanivaar – Gr 21B
G209Gori Gori – Gr 12B
G210Zoobi Doobi – Gr 31C

SESSION 3 : 5.30 pm to 7.00 pm
G301Yoga – Gr 1Mix
G302Agobai DhagobaiN5
G303Itnisi HasiN6
G304Waka WakaJ3
G305Bam Bam BoleS3
G306Drama – Gr 2Mix
G307Karate – Gr 2Mix
G308Swaye Shri – Gr 2Mix
G309Zoobi Doobi – Gr 11B
G310Gore Gore – Gr 22B
G311Me Hai Koli – Gr 23A
G312Rang De Basanti – Gr 24A
G313Nagad Sanga – Gr 15A

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Diwali Carnival

Parents, children and staff were all decked up in their traditional finery. There was a grand display of mud forts made by the children. There were diyas, lanterns and rangolis too. There was food to go with it and the weather was just right. The atmosphere was all charged up and everyone was in high spirits. Oh what an evening that was!

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Teaming up for Science!

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